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Shuttle bus from Utrecht to Taizé 2022

Dear friends in Netherlands !

Corona reduced the number of application in 2020 and 2021 to ca. 5%.
In 2022 we are heading to reach 40% of before Corona 2019.
Till now we had 3 applications for summer from netherlands - we expect some more to come, but we also expect, that we will not reach the minimum number of ca. 25 applications per week in 2022.
Jammer genoeg - Very sadly: due to this we have to postpone the
restart of our busservice from Utrecht to Taizé to 2023.

Shuttle bus from Utrecht to Taizé 2023

Please note: for the realization of a bus we need a minimum number of 25 applications.
After you applied, we inform you 14 days prior to departure about the fact, if a bus became possible or not.
Till this date, please dont transfer money to us. We have also no cancelation fee till 14 days prior to departure.

2023: During the May holidays:

Saturday 29.04. - Sunday 08.07.2023 

During the summer holiday:

Saturday 08.07. - Sunday 13.08.2023

For schools and communities, we create a special offer for any date.

Since 1985, the travel organization "Regenbogen-TourService" has been organizing shuttle buses from Karlsruhe to Taizé in consultation with the welcome in Taizé. Since 1997 we have also been organizing shuttle buses from Utrecht/Arnhem to Taizé in collaboration with Eddy and Angelika Oude Wesselink (see below for address).

Departure times:

Outward journey: Saturdays: Utrecht CS, Jaarbeursplein 24, Bus parking: 8:30 a.m.

Return journey: Sundays: 09:20 Load luggage, 09:45 departure from Taizé. Arrival normally: 20:15 Utrecht CS, Jaarbeursplein 24, Bus parking.

To keep the price as low as possible, the buses may run via Germany. This depends on the number of participants. If enough Dutch and Belgians sign up, the bus can drive through Belgium to Taizé. If there are fewer, they first try to take young people from the Ruhr area/Cologne with them and travel further to Taizé via Luxembourg. If there are still not enough, then the bus goes via Karlsruhe. Only through this system is it possible, irrespective of the number of participants, to

Old Prices 2022: 194 Euro (pls expect an increase of ca. 5-10% - depending upon oil-prices)

Groups from 6 persons: 184 Euro,

Groups from 21 persons: 174 Euro.

We can pick up groups from 15 persons for 194 Euro,- p.p. return, groups from 20 persons 184 Euro, from almost any place in the middle or southern Netherlands.


It is a vital necessity and undispensible for the realization of busses that if there are groups that want to organize their own bus, they contact us in advance. We will offer you a cheaper price than the price offered to you by a bus company if we organize the trip for you. We can do that because we can possibly fill empty places with people who have signed up with us. Furthermore, we can use the oftenly empty outward and return journey of the bus for other Belgian and Dutch participants from the previous or the following week. The cooperation with groups also makes it possible to guarantee a trip to Taizé for young people traveling alone.

Please contact us so that we can find the cheapest and best option for you, and offer as many people as possible a travel option.

Your contacts in the Netherlands for general questions:

Eddy and Angelika Oude Wesselink

Phone: 0031/74/2422500

For questions about the question when busses are possible or not please contact us directly.


for the realization of a bus:
1) Minimum 25 applications: More than before Corona 2020 busses depend upon a minimum of 25 applications to cover costs.
2) fix applications: for this we need fix applications:
3) proposed procedure: we propose the following procedure:
we inform all applied participants 14 days prior to departure, if there are enough people applied to start a bus.
IF somebody applied needs this information earlier, please send us an email. We have no cancelation fees until 14 days prior to departure.
Comment: MANY people decide and apply very shorttermed - 2 weeks or 1 week prior to departuer - thats why we find 2 weeks is most realsitic compromise.

Again: Groups of 20, 30 or even only 10 Persons help sooo much, to realize a bus.
Please help busses from Utrecht to become possible:
So bigger groups please ask our offer, before you book a private buscompany and our FOR TAIZÉ ONLY  SERVICE step by step dies and vanishes from the screen. 
People often ask the question: is there a bus on this or that date.
The dilemma is: if people hesitate until we can confirm a bus and dont apply, the bus becomes more and more unrealistic. 

We understand, if people say: I must rely that there is a bus before application. But for this service we see no other solution (if you have a better idea pls write us):
These times are very unreliable and need a lot of flexibility and readiness for a certain, limited risk from us all in order to enable us to risk to offer such a service for netherlands.

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Wir sind telefonisch am besten Vormittags 10-12 Uhr erreichbar.
Telefon 07141 - 97 54 321

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